Big O and Dukes 1 Year Anniversary Party at Velocity Five!

Big O and Dukes (Oscar Santana and Chad Dukes) celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary Party of not being FIRED at Velocity Five Sports Restaurant and Bar on July 19, 2008.  The party was a huge hit and loyal listeners of the show started showing up at 5 PM.  A long wait had developed around 8 PM but everyone in line stuck it out and eventually made it inside Velocity Five.  A special appearance was made by Mike O’Meara and Beth Ann McBride of the Mike O’Meara show.  Cakes from the Junkies also partied and made a cameo appearance as the stalk of corn.  The highlight of the night was the anniversary cake and  “Happy Anniversary” song sung by the crowd as Big O and Dukes hugged on stage.

We would like to thank Dave Gambale of Freedom Bail Bonding for sponsoring the Affliction Banned pay per view and supplying the crowd with free t-shirts.











3 responses to “Big O and Dukes 1 Year Anniversary Party at Velocity Five!

  1. We were at Big O and Dukes’ “One Year Anniversary” of not getting fired and it was definitely a great time. The two cards, Affliciton and UFC were on everywhere and the beer was flowing like wine. We’ll recommend it to all our readers. udothedishes…

  2. Thanks! Really interesting. Big ups!

  3. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. keep working!

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