UFC 88 Live and Free at Velocity Five with Big O and Dukes

Come watch UFC 88 live and free at Velocity Five in Falls Church with Big O and Dukes.  The main card will feature “The Iceman” Chuck Lidell vs. Rashad Evans.  Here’s what our friend Luke Thomas at BloodyElbow.com thinks of the match up:

Luke Thomas: As much as Evans’ newfound striking ability is touted, he has resorted to wrestling any time and everytime wrestling was required. He doesn’t handle pressure well, particularly in the stand-up. The problem is that Liddell won’t concede the takedown to Evans, thereby disrupting his rhythm and potentially rattling his stability. While I’m not convinced Liddell will finish him, I am very confident Liddell will do at least enough damage on the feet to win a decision. Liddell by unanimous decision.

Be sure to listen to Luke Thomas’ show MMA Nation, Saturdays at 4PM WJFK 106.7.  Today Luke will have Brandon “The Truth” Vera.  Come early to tonight’s fight at Velocity Five as we will have a packed house.


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