Velocity Five is dead???

Of course not!  It might seem like that because our Velocity Five Website has been down due to enhancements BUT we are very much alive and thriving.  Be not afraid, our 4 locations have been doing great.  So please leave your comments if you have been searching for us online (this blog alone has been getting over 50 hits a day).  This will force our new web designer to get the website up and running so we can serve you all better.  And yes the blog has not been updated for nearly 2 years.  If you enjoy reading this blog, please leave your comments.  The more comments the better, thanks!


One response to “Velocity Five is dead???

  1. I’m glad you guys are finally updating your profiles online. V5 has been non-existent for the most part. It’s good to search online to find your blog is up and running good. I haven’t been to the new location in Centreville, but I will definitely check it out.

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