Hello fans of Velocity Five Sports Restaurant and Bar!  We will be opening our second location in Sterling, VA late August.  From the response we have gotten so far, we believe this will be a win-win for everyone, especially those residents who live in Sterling and Great Falls.

One of the questions that we have been getting is if it will be a smoking establishment.  Velocity Five Sports Restaurant and Bar will be a NON-smoking venue.  Patrons can smoke outside on our new 2,000 sq. ft. patio area which will feature a large bar, an awning, plenty of seating and flat screen high-definition TV’s.

Velocity Five will also be family friendly, with an extensive kids menu.  We will stay with our winning formula and showcase our signature upscale interior featuring hardwood floors, cherry wood walls, over 25 flat screen high-definition TV’s and great American cuisine.

Keep checking this page to keep you updated on our progress as we get closer to the opening.

Elevate Your Game at Velocity Five!

Update #1 7/29/08

Yesterday we met about the tentative dates for the Grand opening.  So far we are on track to open mid to late, earliest would be August 15.  We have done extensive renovations to the interior.  Patrons of the previous establishment will be surprised when they walk in, as it will look completely different.  I don’t want to give it away, but it will be a complete 180.  We are also in negotiations to possibly doing either a pre-game or after game broadcast from the Sterling location.  Since Redskins park is so close, it would be the perfect location for any type of broadcast.  Thoughts and comments are always welcome.  You can comment directly on this blog or email your suggestions to .

Update #2 8/6/8

Update #3 8/11/08

We would like to thank everyone for responding about the non-smoking issue.  We clearly do not want to alienate any smokers but we also want to keep Velocity Five non-smoking.  In Falls Church, we have plenty of smokers who will leave their seats at the bar, grab a smoke on the patio and come back to their seat.  If you see our patio area during any event, it is packed with patrons who smoke and also enjoy their drinks outside.  In Potomac Falls, the patio area will be nearly 5 times as big as our Falls Church location and will include a covered awning and four flat screen HDTVs.  Although we know we cannot please everyone, we are doing our best to do so.  All we ask is that once we are open for business, stop by, check us out, try the food and then decide if Velocity Five is right for you.  You might just end up loving Velocity Five if you keep your mind open.  Thank you to everyone that continues to support Velocity Five!

Here is the new Velocity Five sign we just added.

Update #4 8/12/8

Update # 5 8/25/8

Velocity Five in Sterling Opening Tuesday August 26th at 5 PM

Spread the word, we are opening to the public on Tuesday August 26th, just in time for college football and the NFL.  Get ready for the most anticipated opening of the best sports restaurant and bar to open in Potomac Falls.

Thank you to all the folks that commented on our blog and supported us.  We welcome everyone to Velocity Five Sports Restaurant and Bar and we are happy that we part of your neighborhood.

Update #6 9/18/9

We are giving you, our Sterling customers what you’ve asked for … your own party!  Grand Opening Party of Velocity Five Sports Restaurant and Bar in Sterling on Wednesday September 24th from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM!


72 responses to “Sterling

  1. As a loyal patron of Fox Chase Tavern for 10+ years, along with many, many others — I can tell you that if you stick to your “non-smoking” establishment – you won’t see 90% of the folks who used to go there. Perhaps that’s the intent – usually when you purchase a favorite local pub, the staff goes and usually the people do also.

    No one is concerned about your food menu and how wonderful the food is – we have enough great restaurants in Sterling/Reston/Ashburn already. Smoking on the patio is not the same as being able to smoke in the bar. I’ll give you an example. I go to the bar on a Sunday afternoon to watch football and the bar is full, but I’m lucky enough to get a seat at the bar. I have to get up and go out to the patio to smoke and then what? Lose my seat inside the bar when I return? This is not a situation I want to particulary deal with and I know others feel the same.

    Not to be disrespectful, but we don’t need a bar with great food, tons of flat screen tv’s, and pretty floors, walls, or guys that walk around in suits, etc. We want a bar we feel comfortable in – a local tavern where all of us were close – like family, and paid a fair and reasonable price for a beer or a mixed drink.

    Your award winning formula MIGHT be working for you in Falls Church, but I don’t think it’s going to work for you out here in Sterling. I hope you prove me wrong, but I don’t think so.

  2. Lowes Island Resident

    I’m a Lowes Island resident who used to patronize the Fox Chase on a semi-regular basis. Why did I (and many of my neighbors) stop going? In addition to the food and service going (severely) downhill it was the fact that you were literally hit in the face with cigarette smell upon entering. I would go in there for two minutes to pick up takeout and my clothes stunk afterward.

    I’m not a vigilant anti-smoker but I can guess that since the owners say they have received a lot of questions about smoking that it is a big concern for many. It’s obviously a business decision for them.

    I’m predicting Velocity Five will be a breath of fresh air in the area (pardon the pun).

  3. I agree with Lisa! Fox Chase Tavern felt like home to the regulars and my favorite was Tuesday Night Trivia! I read that at your Falls Church location you had to make reservations of 10 or more for the UFC fight…I’ll take my business somewhere else where I can walk in, get a seat and watch the fight. I’m sure a lot of people will come check out the bar, but I’m not gonna see that many people coming back…maybe the rich, upity people, but not the Fox Chase crew.

  4. I completely disagree. I think a non-smoking establishment is a great idea…the rest of us don’t need to stink and breathe your smoke. I never went to Foxchase for just that reason.

    Looking forward to the new set up and a great place to watch the games!

  5. Cascades Resident

    We used to go to the former establishment quite often, but it became ridiculous that we had to take a shower when we came home after dinner, so we stopped going. I applaude your decision to make your new location a non-smoking atmosphere. We’ll be back.

  6. Lowes Island Resident

    I’m just going to say that i feel bad for the regulars who lost their bar, but i’m sorry this is business. Blame the owners for selling the joint and the venues the new pwnership has opened so far have been successful and outstanding. Judge it when you go and i’m happy i dont have to wash my clothes now the minute i will get home from their!!!!

  7. Yeah – no smoke – sorry Lisa/Paige but other people who don’t want to reeeek of smoke deserve to have a nice place to go to watch sports or simply eat. Too bad they didn’t ban smoking outside too – why should people who don’t want to breath in toxins have to go without sitting outside!?! I say ban smoking there too.

  8. My family and I have been through Fox Chase since the day it opened. I am sad to see it go, some of my siblings even worked there. The location is perfect for after softball drinks, for a fun night of trivia, for a nice hometown crowd for sporting events or even a little room on the tiny dance floor with DJ Bobby. Good times a plenty, but I never cared for the super cloud of smoke that was just waiting to greet you as you walked in so I am not sad to see that aspect of the local tavern go. I can’t wait to check out what it’s like inside. Months back a friend of mine and I sat in Fox Chase and laid out OUR remodeling plans for a younger crowd takeover. It is like the Velocity Five heads were sitting right behind us and took heed to our every word. Thank You. I can’t wait for bigger events to take place there, who knows maybe Big O and Dukes will head out our way soon! And I can’t wait to enjoy the upcoming NFL season to take place in a classy smoke free flat screened openly spaced nice restaurant and bar! See you at the Grand Opening!

  9. haha – smokers go away – you wrecked fox chase

  10. Just curious how you are going get the 2000 square feet outside – is it that little area in between v5 and the vet? That doesn’t seem like 2000 feet at all – more like 800?! Also, do you have to allow smoking outside – why do non-smokers get punished have to smell smoke if we want to eat outside?

  11. Another Lowes Island Resident

    Yeah again, our family frequented the Fox Chase Tavern before we were pushed out the door with the odor of smoke in the air and on our clothes. Our son has frequented your Falls Church location and said its a great place. Hopefully all of us non-smokers and smokers will welcome you to our Community and support your business. See you you soon.

  12. After reading the blog it seems as if there is enough for everyone at this new place. Smokers can enjoy themselves as well as non-smokers. If the atmosphere and food come close to what’s at the first location then everyone will win. I’m just looking forward to a great place locally to go watch college and NFL games, especially the Redskins. I hope the TVs are as good as in the Falls Church place. Go Skins!

  13. I hope they sell Guiness on tap like Fox Chase. I love Guiness. Man i could go for a good cold Guiness right now. OMG i really could drink a beer and i am at work! this sucks. Fox chase had a serious smoking problem. My God during the peak hours it was so freaking smokey you didn;t even have to smoke to get your nicotine fix. I hated that part of Fax Chase but my desire for cold Guiness over ruled my concern of developing lung cancer. The poor Fox Chase employees , their poor young lungs must of been black from being human HEPA filters. Did i mention i like Guines. MMM Beer.

    Go Beer!

  14. As a former employee, I welcome the fact that smoking has been segregated to the outside. The only reason none of my friends came to see me is because of the horrible ventilation system. Cant wait to see what the new place is like. Maybe I will re-apply?

  15. I hope they have Guinness too. Scott you need to learn how to spell 🙂 – just kidding I love your excitment. And as much as I love Guinness I could not pull myself to go get it there (nor all my friends)- I just could not take all the smoke – disgusting. I don’t know how they are going to get that smell out of there – maybe they are going to tear down the walls. Do smokers realize how disgusting they are?! And how they wreck it for everyone else?

    PS – go skins!

  16. I hope they have Dominion Ale too! I am esatic that there is no smoking – I have lived here about 10 years and stop going to fox chase about 5 years ago because of the smoke. When are you opening?

    PS – I heard the smokers are planning a walkout. Going to go to the bar and all sit there and try to smoke and then just all walk out. Don’t cave in – believe me there are many many more who don’t smoke that cannot wait for this place to open!

  17. Cody (V5 Bartender Falls Church)

    The Falls Church location currently serves Miller Lite, Bud Light, Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Pilsner Urquell, Yuengling, and Guiness. Im pretty sure Guiness will stay on our available drafts @ our new location.

  18. When’s the grand opening??

  19. Non-Smoking ay be the wave of the future, but not all smokers are spawn of te devil. I just hope they have Buzztime!

    Lighten up, the Great Falls Plaza neighborhood does not have the same demographics as Merrifield and as long as the irregulars still meet to have a good time with our friends then we’ll stil have a good time! If the staff/management does not give us consideration of our tabs and tips we’ll find another place to hang out.

  20. Go Beer! I spelled that right! This forum is driving me to drink. It is completely unfair to list beers and not expect me to go drink one. Please stop listing beers and get back to berating smokers. Down down smokers, down down smokers.

    Go Beer!

  21. I saw a sign in front window yesterday when I drove by – opening the 25th – they were loading a bunch of LG flat screens so must be putting finishing touches on. And yes, down down smokers – you’re done

  22. Thanks for the non-smoking. We never ate at Fox Chase because of the smoke. When are you opening?

  23. I stopped by the place last night to peak in and it looks fantastic. Clean and fresh were the first words that came to mind. I look forward to it opening.

  24. The other day I walked into another Sterling Restaurant (featured in Talladaga Nights). Anyway, there was a huge smell of smoke that I had never experienced before. When I asked our server about it she said that there’s a new crowd at the bar and they are heavy smokers. Guess where they came from? FOXCHASE! So, now I am really looking forward to the new place…ugh, stinky!!

  25. Chris, when you stopped by did you see any beer? Did i mention i am a beer fan? OMG i sooo want a beer again. I do not know what is wrong with me but it is making me want to drink more beer. Velocity Five better have reasonable beer prices or otherwise i am going to be living in a van down by the river next to the ghost of Chris Farley. My wife likes beer too. I have her on tape exclaiming, “BEER! It’s what for breakfast!”. Apparently i am not allowed to put that on yotube. Now i do not condone drinking beer for breakfast but my wife might be on to something.

    Go Beer!

  26. Hooya Beer! I used to go to Foxchase with a group and we’d sit out on the deck area because the stink of smoke was too strong. I like Scott’s idea…keep the beer cost reasonable. Beer is good food.
    Remember growing up and going to Georgetown to party? And the next morning you had to wash your clothes and take a shower because you stunk of cigarette smoke? Thanks you for a Non-smoking bar! I’m looking forward to it.

  27. As the Mother of 2 of Foxchase employees….and the friend of MANY smokers…..I can tell you that you will not lose any business from the regulars who continue to smoke. The ones who do not return,are the ones who blew in everyones face and didn’t care about second smoke. Thank you for the new smoke-free environment!

  28. Hey Katie what bar/restaurant is that from Tal Nights? Just wanna make sure I don’t go there.

  29. Oh I guess applebees?

  30. Everyone, stop with the smoking issue. This place will attract a different clientele
    and perhaps it will be better and clean. To all you smokers, smoking is bad for your health as well as others. Since you don’t care about your health, then you should care about someone elses health. To the anti-smokers, you should respect the smokers because they are addicted to the cancer stick. All in all, everyone should just have fun and enjoy the new establishment.

  31. No smoking….Oh Well it will probably do me good and make me a much better cyclist so I can keep up with Jeff and Jen………
    As long as you are serving RBV I am in!

  32. Does anyone think people from great falls will come over to here as they state in their promos – just curious but I doubt it……

  33. Smoking gives you wrinkles, yellow teeth, and bad breath people… oh and it’s slowly killing you. Don’t take years off of my life for your stinky-ness. Now how many of you smokers just cupped your breath in your hand and smelled it? ha

  34. I loved Foxchase. Had so many good times there. The smoke was never an issue for me. I think I’ll go to the new joint since it’s smoke-free and I just had a lung removed via cancer. By the way, I did quit smoking since my operation. I still have two good working hands. One can hold a beer and the other can wave to my smoking friends outside! I’ve been to the V-5 in Falls Church. Folks, we gonna have some fun!

  35. So happy opening is almost here. Love the non-smoking bit. We are a family of four and the parents LOVE football and beer and no-smoking. Awesome!

  36. Has a grand opening date been announced ? Thanks

  37. Hi, I’m Lisa…..I like to threaten to take my Marlboro Light breath and my non tipping self to other establishments. I know that the thought of me not being there with my cutoff jeans and overpermed hair is horrifying to the new ownership who spent more in TV’s than I ever spent there killing myself with my death sticks. I am an idiot and………what’s more I’m just real stupid. I can’t believe that I could even spell stupid. Sometimes, I have to look words up like C-A-N-C-E-R or H-E-A-R-T D-I-S-E-A-S-E or M-E. It’s not very helpful, though, because I am the most important person wasting precious oxygen at the bar and don’t need to be too smart. I have to get up to go get some more cigarettes now but I wanted you to know that you won’t be getting my kids lunch money anymore.

  38. Mike – see above – I saw a sign for Monday Aug 25th last week – I guess still the same.

    Leon – “smoke not an issue?!” – yet you had a lung removed?! Are you serious?

  39. Monday will be nuts up at V5 but i have taken the day off Tuesday so i can get liquored up real good Monday night. I also plan on doing a rain dance so it rains on all the smokers sitting outside, we need the rain anyways so don’t take it too personal. 🙂

    Wishing cancer on someone is not nice. have you seen what cancer does? OMG it is horrible. hateful words like that are not attractive and should be bottled up inside until you see the person so you can tell it to their face like an responsible adult. Perhaps a cat fight would ensue? Meow. I like a good cat fight. Meow.

    Go beer!

  40. Lisa – you are a piece of work! Hey – where is the outside even – that little patio in the front is not even set up is it? And that’s not 2000 square feet anyway right? Roof?! Goooooooo Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

  41. The sign on the door now says that V5 is opening on Tuesday the 26th.
    Go beer!

  42. Hey Lisa…it’s nothing personal. What you do to your body is your business; however, the rest of us have the right to not breathe your smoke. I think it’s pathetic that the Foxchase regulars are trying to think of ways to “punish” Velocity Five for not allowing smoking. I’ve heard everything from starting a smoke-in at the bar to blocking bar seats and then going outside to smoke for extended periods of time. Let’s all be a bit a bit more mature about this. The owners of Foxchase sold the bar…get mad at them for how they seemed to have ruined your lives. There are more smoking restaurants in Sterling than non-smoking, so I’m really not sure what all the fuss is about anyway.

    Looking forward to see you all there! Are we going to play “guess the blogger”?? haha!

  43. You are right – that is pathetic if they try anything. Get over it and go smoke somewhere else. This is going to be a perfect place for sports fans and their families – and there are soooo many of those in the Cascades/Lowes Island area. So please don’t punish us and our kids. To V5 – I hope they have their staff primed to act if something happens. Also, does anyone see where the outside is going to be?

  44. There is nothing “regular” about any of the frequent patrons of the old FCT. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sorrier collection of degenerates in my entire life. Seriously, why even care about the smoking at the FCT when the clientele sucks every bit of air out the room? Did the FCT bus people in from rural Kentucky or something? The FCT was like a bus station that served beer. The only good thing about the FCT was that being around all of those losers made me feel better about myself.

    If the proprietors of Velocity Five create an environment that is sufficiently clean as to alienate all of the FCT “regulars” than they will have done a great job and probably increased the property value for anyone living within a 10 mile radius.

  45. Can all the smokers stop whining. The reason Foxchase was sold was due to their lack of business.

    Why? Because most of the families in Lowes and surrounding areas could not go and have a nice dinner without putting themselves and kids at risk with the heavy second hand smoke
    Get over it and if you need to sit indoors to drink and have a cig, do it in your home.

  46. People,people,PEOPLE…….so sensitive! However,the majority of “Lisa”s” are actually the minority.Everyone will be satisfied with the new place.They are following the trend in many states and in Ireland,Scotland and other heavily smoked in countries with excellent results. “Why can’t everbody just get along?” Filbrick-did smoking kill too many brain cells….you don’t spell it like that,do you? Tell your Spandex-clad biker buddies to put their own names up….Dave……..

  47. Are you really not opening until 5pm today?!?!??!?!?! i have been planning on coming there for a week now and have to keep cancelling…..i was going to come at 330 today for an early happy hour before the nationals game..

  48. Cindy, cindy CINDY…….so right on with your comments I think I will wear my spandex clad biker shorts up there tonight….it makes me look well hung.

  49. New V5 owners, please do not be scared away by all of these ‘spirited’ Sterling people! I live around the corner from Fox Chase and have a few good memories. Unfortunately, I agree with most of the other comments, that the smoke at ‘ole Fox Chase drove me away. I found myself avoiding Fox Chase because of the instant headache from the smoke and having to take a shower when I got home. Even when we had large parties of family visiting, we avoided Fox Chase despite it being in walking distance, because of the smoke. I’m excited for the change. I’d love to sign up for an email newsletter or list about upcoming events at the new Sterling location. I hear the smokers are planning a walk-out….I’ll participate in a walk-in 🙂 🙂

  50. Jim, don’t forget to wear your “vandals”.. and lay off my food.

  51. Jim F. I can’t believe You are such an idiot and think You are hung. Twizzers would
    probably handle that job. As far as Your comment about the sorry degenerates that used to go to FCT, I will bet they all make more in in one year then You have in a life time. So please do us all a favor and never show up at V5. But If You do, make sure
    Your little Spandex shorts don’t have hash marks………….

  52. I miss Fox Chase, but like many others, I couldn’t go in because of the smoke. When they changed management years ago and the Irish Guys left, it went to hell.

    Sorry smokers, but I like a cigar with my beer and I am glad the smoking is gone!

  53. The opening was wonderful AND all the smokers were happy with the outside granite bar and not a complaint was heard. Jim F. they have footlong twizzlers,I hear!

  54. Ok, thats it for me, V5 is gonna be just like my sex life, one and done! I just finsihed running the numbers and can only afford one $5 draft a day…..

  55. GREAT! Just what this area needs! Another nightcare for all the soccer moms and dads to bring their little rat kids!! Wah, wah, my widdle nose doesn’t like that stinky smoke. Hell, thats actually what most of you people sound like too! So, go to one of the other million crappy family restaurants out there for lazy parents!

    We need a REAL bar! Not another yuppie crappy coffee shop that calls itself a bar! A SALAD for $15!!!? What the hell is that!!?

    Well, wait for 3 more years till this guy fails too. Bring back a real bar and keep your damn whiny kids at home!!

  56. Im with Mike! There are loads of restaurants in Sterling. FCT was a Sterling crowd, NOT a Great Falls crowd. Yes, it was a little too smokey but thats what BARS are! Stay HOME! Or go up the street to Chucky Cheese with your brats! Remember, BAR! How nice is that bar going to stay now that there will be cig butts all over the ground? Keep a smoking area with GOOD ventilation and have another area for those of us that dont smoke and are probably going to die before most of those smokers anyway because we are fat and lazy!

    Mmmm, Beer! Hope their prices are half decent. Im starting the stop-watch on the failure of V5 also.

  57. I love beer for starters, but come on 6 bucks for beer is nuts. I’m not even sure i was getting a true pint! I think they might be using tall glasses to trick us into thinking we are getting more than 16 ounces. Someone needs to look into this. A standard beer from a tap is 16 ounces so if they are serving 14 ounces in their fancy glasses then i demand change. I want 16 ounces and want it with a smile. I also would like all the girls to be super hot. Super hot beer serving wenches would be great. I know that is what hooters is all about but i want to be able to walk home and not call a cab. Yes my wife is aware of my wants and she is fine with it.

    Go beer!
    Go Super Hot Beer Wenches!
    Down down kids!

  58. First Impressions Are Everything

    So….went to V5 open-minded last night to check the new place out. Umm…let’s see. Third night they were open, right? I ordered a glass of Reisling and they told me they ran out. Ordered a Bud Light draft and they told me it would be 10 minutes. Ordered wings – you too can pay $15.00 for 12 wings, and they managed to screw that order up too. All within less than an hour of being there. Hmmm….0/3 in my book – what a FABULOUS establishment. A friend of ours that went there every night since Grand Opening told us that the bottled beer was warm Tuesday night, frozen Wednesday night, and finally okay last night. I have no problem spending money to go out and have a good time, but I don’t like being overcharged. 1 beer, 1 glass of wine, and an order of wings….$31.00 before tip. It’s one thing to pay those kind of prices if you’re hanging out in Georgetown, but in Sterling? Gimme a break. No thanks. Perhaps if they didn’t have a staff of 20 working, they could lower their prices. Good luck to Velocity 5. It will be interesting to see how long they’ll be able to keep their heads above water.

  59. Went in last night and can say that it was the first time in a while that I was there and the cops didn’t show up.

    Food was good but not great, and service was slow. These should be taken care with time and practice.

  60. I went in to V5 for the first time last night and WOW!!! The place was beautiful and PACKED! I have never seen so many people in that place EVER! The best part was, I did not recognize many of the faces and there was not a Douchebag regular in site! Great job V5! I believe you will be a huge success!

  61. The only thing I could complain about is the prices. It is sad to see a bigger fancier place come into town and jack up the prices, well just because they can i guess. Other than that, I am willing to give the place more than oh I don’t know a WEEK to get the kinks worked out. If every restaurant and bar were judged at the very start and never given a second chance then Fox Chase wouldn’t have had the little crowd it did. We’ve been going there since the day it opened and believe you me FCT had it’s time to get up and running before they got their act together.
    The place looks great inside. Can’t wait for the outside bar to open. I have no problem with the families and kids running around. There was plenty of space to feel completely separated from them. So just make sure when you bitch about kids running around, know that you too sound like a little whiny baby. The continuous crowd at v5 already suggests that those who aren’t fans and aren’t willing to give it time are by far in the minority. Can’t tell you the last time I saw that many people at FCT and smiling!!
    Now bring on football season!

  62. First Impressions Are Everything

    Hey That guy – does it make you feel better about yourself to keep bashing the Douchebag regulars that used to patron FCT? I went to FCT fairly often and met a lot of nice people there – people who enjoyed having fun and listening and dancing to great music or bands. Good, clean fun. Are you just angry because you used to work there and had a bad experience with the customers or people YOU dealt with? I think it is extremely rude of you to categorize and label good people as “Douchebags” – doesn’t exactly make you any better, now does it? Maybe you can enroll yourself in a self confidence course over at NOVA – sounds like you desperately need it. I hope you and V5 will be very happy together.

  63. That Guy, It sounds like You are a bitter and lonely idiot. V5 is very nice, but I’ve seen FCT just as crowded and the regulars were spending alot more money. As much as You hate the thought, all of them will be back, and will be the ones that keep the doors open at V5.

  64. I couldn’t agree more with the above comment made by First Impressions Are Everything……except you forgot to include Jim Filbrick in the same loser category as That Guy. Anyone who puts others down is a complete loser and has serious issues. Degenerates? How about AHOLE!!!

  65. I loved FCT – the food, the people, the smoke, the bartenders, the staff, the smoke, the food, the smoke… any place I’ve ever been with a smoking and non-smoking section, the smoking section is where the action is, it’s where the most laughter, the most intelligent conversation, the most good time is happening – small price to pay for some smoky smelling clothes when you get home. FCT had a great crowd, some wackos, sure, but better that than the homogeneous/corporate/fern bar/milk toast/BS crowd over in Falls Church and every other chain bar around. Real people, real problems, real friendship, real cops (sometimes!) – and affordability. I hope V5 knows most of the Lowes Island/”Great Falls” Plaza crowd are in foreclosure, or soon to be – I wish anyone well with a new biz venture, but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

  66. Other things besides smoking that’s bad for you:
    – drinking
    – eating bar food
    – paying $15 for a salad and $6 for a beer

  67. Hey lets leave that Jim Philbrick guy alone, he has some HOT friends…….are any of them straight?……

  68. Cody (Bartender @ V5)

    Let me start off by thanking everyone that flocked in for our opening last week. We couldn’t have been happier with the turnout.
    I have opened several bars in the area over the years and there are always going to be hiccups you have to weed out and get over over time. You guys out there are some pretty serious wine drinkers which is probably why on that certain night re isling was 86’ed it would be nice if i could run over to bloom and restock but the commonwealth deems that unlawful unfortunately.
    Wings are 1/2 along with all of our appetizers 5-7pm and all night (for wings) Fridays
    I would post our happy hour drinks but again, the commonwealth slaps me for that too.
    In regards to prices on drinks..if you feel anything is too high (and no we are not going to have $2 beers like FCT) please email via our website and it will be addressed, as it has with the price of our sambuca and a few others.
    The coolers left by FCT have always been an issue as told to me by most of the old cheers crew, freezing our glasses, bursting our champagne, it took one cooler a whole 24 hours to turn the coors light mountains blue!!! we are working this thing out, please be patient, we didn’t move your cheese. =)

  69. I think it is cheaper to go to Hooked and get a beer up than it is V5! What is up with that? I love beer and love socializing but i don’t love paying 6 bucks for a beer! Perhaps V5 can get one or two kegs of Natural Light or Milwaukee’s Best for me and charge a reasonable amount like 3 dollars a beer? Please. I used to love that shit in college! As far as pricing goes, a 12 pack of beast costs about 6 bucks today. mmm beer.

    I can get one beer for 6 bucks at V5 or pickup a 12 pack at Bloom for the same price. Perhaps i can pick up a a 12 pack and take it to V5 and sell each can for 4 bucks. I see a pot of gold a the end of this rainbow.
    Go beer!

  70. Bartholamew III JR. ESQ.

    The name is a joke, just like the prices at V5. I can’t tell you how excited my family was that we might get to go and have some beers and good food in a clean establishment that doesn’t suffocate you with smoke…until my we went there and paid over 11 dollars for 2 beers and 40 dollars for 2 bad dinner entrees. It’s a sports bar and restuarant for godsake!! Who wants to worry about how much your spending each time you order beer hwile trying to enjoy a game! Please lower the prices and at least make them comparable to the other establishments in the area. It’s not that “special” of a place.

  71. Patrons of Velocity Five at Sterling – We are currently working on adjusting our beer and liquor prices. You will soon see decreases on our prices. Your comments are absolutely valuable to us and in order to serve the Sterling community better we are making your suggested changes. Thank you all for your continued support and making Velocity Five the Restaurant of choice in Sterling!

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